Baler and its Allure

I remember the first time I hop on a bus to go to this town, only a few city dwellers know. Baler was one of my first trips which opened the windows of my itchy sole. Armed by excitement and courage, I got to learn that I only occupy a small space in this world. I was a newbie traveler then, I was starting to learn to ride the waves and I was starting to see life beyond the city that I am living. Back then, only a few tourists visit Baler or knew that Baler even existed. Years later, it became one of the most visited tourist destination, not only because of surfing, in which Baler is popularly known, but because of its beauty and allure that this place naturally possesses.

I used to think that once I visit a place, I wouldn’t be back anymore,  for there are more places to explore than spend money into going back to a place where I’ve already traveled.  Apparently, I was wrong. Just a few years after, there I was, trying to relive the moments I once spent in Baler. But there are just moments you can’t go back to. Baler is still alluring but different. I saw the changes, its progress, and what remains. As Baler has changed, I recognised that a changed me is revisiting  the spots a newbie traveler once explored. I can feel that it is different, a lot different. Still, I couldn’t forget the beauty I once laid my eyes with, and that beauty still remains.

baler blog 1

baler blog 2

baler blog 3

baler blog 5

baler blog 7. jpgbaler blog 4

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