Life, What Now?

It’s been years since I updated this blog or should I say that it’s been years since I’ve been passionate about life and writing. I couldn’t say what happened but all I know is that life became so happy, until it doesn’t.

I still had some travels. New places had been ticked off. Those places that I’ve been imagining when I was just starting to roam, I’ve seen it and I wanted to see more. Risks had been taken. Roads had been paved. I lived each day with high hopes. I knew what I wanted.



I dreamed of simple living. Yet, simple life is complicated on its own. I tried chasing the waves of life. I didn’t care what I am expected to be. I chased the things I love. And everything gets tiring. 


I dreamed a lot.  I quit the dream. 


There were a series of going forward and turning back. I once thought of settling. I also settled in moving. Through all those, I had found and lose some people in between. 


So life, what now? 


You know when your dreams are slowly coming true and everything seems so right until it eventually crashes down,  just like all things do? It’s like a storm has arrived without warning and just like that, you’re left with all the damage. And how tragic it is when you don’t have all the means to fix things. How does that feel? It’s like your heart has been ripped off while you’re in front of your villain, laughing at you. Everything hurt even up to the tip of the nails. 

I’d like to say that things will be brighter soon because things eventually do. But there will be no uplifting words to instantly stop the hurt. Life will pass by. Living each day dragging this feet out of the emotional mess and wiping off the tears. One day, life will be better. But that one day isn’t just today.

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