Life Lately

It’s been a while. I almost forgot that I do have a website. I’ve been busy with living life, that I didn’t have the need to write about it. It’s more than a year since I posted the last blog post. Looking back, it felt dark and I was just trying to hold on to hope.

So what happened really? I hit rock bottom. But when that happens, you know, there’s no way but up. I felt like a lot happened in just a year. At one point, I just woke up realizing everything was gone. Like my whole life crashed before me. And I’m not exaggerating this. Literally, I just woke up knowing I lost someone, lost a career, had no job, my money had been depleted. All happened at once at the same time.

On another point, I started to bounce back. And I bounced back harder. I took all the risks because I’ve been through a phase where I had nothing. When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose. Might as well take all the risks that you got.

I set all my goals and put on a timeline for them. It’s amazing how you can endure all the suffering when you have a prize to eye for. Life lately isn’t exactly grand. But this is the life that I’ve been imagining. I don’t have everything but I have all I need. I am gearing towards what I want. And I am starting to live the life that I’ve been aiming, for years now. No one can stop me. I will live a life of moving, maybe settling for a while, but still moving.

One thing I am promising myself is to post more travel blog posts. What comes with it is to travel more, travel longer, and perhaps live longer in one place. I intend to live longer in places that give me joy. We should go after that gives us happiness right?

And just until then, see you on the next blog.

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