How to Travel to Siargao (2021)

The world had stopped for us, travelers, because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Oh boy! It’s been more than a year of staying at home. If you’ve got itchy feet right there, I bet you need a serious scratching. It’s just not so you when you’re stuck at home right? I feel you. Thankfully, a few … More How to Travel to Siargao (2021)

Life Lately

It’s been a while. I almost forgot that I do have a website. I’ve been busy with living life, that I didn’t have the need to write about it. It’s more than a year since I posted the last blog post. Looking back, it felt dark and I was just trying to hold on to … More Life Lately

Virgin Island | Cebu

Located in the northern part of Cebu lies a small privately owned island that is part of the island group of Bantayan. When I tried googling the location of Virgin Island, search engine is directing me to Pulo Diyot. Famously known as Virgin Island, because of being uncrowded and untouched, it is called by locals as … More Virgin Island | Cebu