Ditching the Solo Traveling Scene

I’ve been there. I know how it is to be afraid to sit in a passenger bus with no one by my side. I know how it is to be confused to land in a place where I don’t  even recognize a single soul. I also know how it feels to dine in a restaurant looking for a table for one. And those forced selfies I just have to take because most of the time, I’ve got no other choice.  

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It was a need to go on exploring alone. It was scary at first, but it could be one of the bravest thing you can do in your life. You’ll be viewed as having no friends, going on through a heartbreak, or just a weird individual who travels on your own when it is more fun traveling with someone. What others may don’t know is that traveling alone and traveling with someone can be equally satisfying.

If I just gave in to my fear of starting to travel on my own, I wouldn’t know that I am a full grown independent woman who can be very more vigilant watching out for myself. I couldn’t possibly know that I can  talk to a lot of people from different race and background. I wouldn’t know that in a way, there are strangers who can be trusted. I’ve experienced, that there are strangers who are more willing to help without asking in return. Then, I wouldn’t know that there really is friendship that can be formed while traveling. Most of all, I wouldn’t had come into the idea that being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely.

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I’ve been a solo traveler, but recently, I don’t feel like traveling alone anymore.

Going solo on a trip isn’t always as wondrous as it is. It isn’t at all time that you will meet an exceptional  stranger that you can instantly connect with. Some of the moments, you’ll feel helpless for being alone. And in some part of your outdoor day, you’ll feel envious of a group traveling together.

It came to a point that I’m longing for someone to share with all the excitement and disappointment of traveling.

No one can contest that it is more fun trekking up to a waterfalls with someone by your side, looking after for every step that you make, making sure that you don’t trip. And if you do, there will be someone to reach an arm for you to stand on your knees. Reaching that amazing waterfalls, is less of an amazing if you’re staring at it alone, with no one by your side to share the amazement with. That memories of thrilling adventure is more of a surreal if you’re with someone laughing it out with. 

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So I think finally, I gave in. I’m giving in to the notion of having a travel partner. Having a shoulder to lean on while you’re in a journey of long bus rides. Someone who will watch out for your backpack when you suddenly feel the urge of going to the restroom. That dine in for one? Not anymore. There will be that person whom you will share the taste of a local cuisine with. Someone you’ll be proud to say that you need a table for two. The one who will sit beside you for every sunrise and sunset that you both chase. And it will always be as amazing as you have both imagined. After all, we were not tossed on this world to experience everything on our own. There has got to be someone to share the beautiful experiences with.

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